Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Freitag, 15. April 2016

Blasphemy by thy Name vol. 3 out today!

Today marks the release of the 3rd volume of the Blasphemy By Thy Name CD & Download compilation presented by Metalen Fanzine, Metal Music Austria, and Plastic Head Distribution. Make sure to grap your free copy by ordering at the Metal Music Austria or Plastic Head online shops, or download it at the Metal Music Austria bandcamp site.

Freitag, 1. April 2016

MORTE inks deal with Morbid Syndicate

Morbid Syndicate is more than delighted to sign a deal with Buenos Aires based Death/Doom outfit MORTE. Formed in 2013 the band self-released their debut EP "Lento descenso a la putrefacción" in January this year (digital only). Now in March they inked to Morbid Syndicate for the physical release of their debut. A release date is not set yet but should be announced in the next weeks, as the bands currently working on the artwork.

Click HERE and listen to their song "Cruel abismo" (which will also feature on the upcoming "Blasphemy by thy name" vol.3 CD/Digital compilation presented by Metalen Fanzine, Metal Music Austria, and Plastic Head Distribution).

Montag, 14. März 2016

New SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST track "Raped by Religion"

Finish death mongers SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST present one of their tracks from the upcoming album "Feast of Maggots", due to be out later this year on Morbid Syndicate.

Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Blasphemy by thy Name vol. 3 (CD/Digital compilation)

Metalen Fanzine have teamed up with Metal Music Austria and UKs biggest distribution company Plastic Head for the release of the 3rd edition of the "Blasphemy by thy Name" compilation. This CD and digital release will get unleashed upon mankind on April 15, 2016 and will feature 14 bands from around the globe covering genres such as Black, Death, Thrash and Grind. A multi page feature will be in issue #10 with all band info and contacts. Watch out!


1. MORTE – Cruel abismo (02:58)
taken from the album 'Lento Descenso A La Putrefacción' out Summer 2016 on Morbid Syndicate.

2. BLASTOMYCOSIS – Covered in flies and afterbirth (02:28)
taken from the album 'Covered in flies and afterbirth' out Summer 2016 on Morbid Syndicate.

3. SATHAMEL – Scorch blind faith (04:54)
taken from the EP 'Sathamel' out now.

4. COMMON GRAVE – Tied to this place (05:55)
taken from the album 'Dust of my existence' out now on Vacula Productions.

5. AXOLOTL – Voices of luna (06:41)
taken from the split album 'Voices of luna' out now on Bret Hard Records.

6. THE SHIVA HYPOTHESIS – Caduceus (05:35)
taken from the demo 'Demo 2015' out now.

7. PUTRIFIED J – Brutally severed (02:36)
taken from the split album 'The holy landfill' out now on Rising Nemesis Records.

8. XPUS – The cherub´s throne (04:15)
taken from the album 'Sanctus dominus deus sabaoth' out now on Another Side Records.

9. THE BEARDED ONES – Pantokrater (06:52)
taken from the album 'Gigant' out now.

10. CHURCHLESS – Black death (02:30)
taken from the EP 'Black death' out now.

11. BLASPHERIAN – The blessing of sanctity rescinded (05:35)
taken from the split EP 'Imprecation / Blaspherian' out now on Dark Descent Records.

12. DENIGRATA – Dies irea (06:05)
taken from the album 'Missa defunctorum: Requiem mass in a minor' out now.

13. NOCTURNAL ESCAPE – Gaia´s demise (06:36)
taken from the album 'Nocturnal escape' out now.

14. KRYPTOTYPE – Self-determination (04:37)
taken from the demo 'MMXVI' out now.

15. DEAD WAR - Debellation (03:12)
taken from the demo 'The triumph of death' out now.

Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

Metalen Fanzine - New website

Alright - here we go! Metalen Fanzine has now its own website (which is still under construction with more and more contents added from day to day!).

Also subscribe to Metalen Fanzine on or the app to view upcoming and past issue on your mobile phone or tablet!